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How to ask for Facebook reviews without annoying people

Asking someone to leave a Facebook review of your business can be intimidating – but it’s no secret that more and more people are relying on Facebook reviews to buy a product or invest in a service.

Unfortunately, a customer is more likely to take to Facebook when they have received a bad service in order the vent their frustration publicly. Hopefully, your business won’t ever experience this – but it’s important to try and drive positive Facebook reviews to your page because if someone is searching for what you offer, a page with no reviews or poor reviews can often be ignored.

Asking for Facebook reviews

So how can you ask your customers to leave a Facebook review without seeming desperate? Here are a few suggestions:

Ask in person

Asking for a review face-to-face needn’t feel direct. In fact, it’s the most effective way to receive a positive Facebook review because you know you’ve caught that person at their happiest! You have just provided them with great customer service, answering any questions they may have and so they will naturally be in a good mood.

When asking for a review in person, let them know that their feedback will help other customers when they are doing their research online. Make it a natural part of the conversation post-purchase and make the process of finding your Facebook page to leave a Facebook review as simple as possible. For example, if you have a business card, be sure to include the URL to your Facebook page and hand the customer the card there and then.

Asking in an email

Many business owners, including myself, will more often than not be dealing with a customer via email. Asking for a Facebook review in an email feels much more comfortable than doing it in person and does often provide a positive result.

Make sure that your email is personal to the client, addressing them by their name and coming from an individual (i.e. if you have a team, the person the client dealt with should be the one requesting the review). Make sure to target those you request Facebook reviews from carefully – are they guaranteed to leave you positive feedback?

Promote your existing Facebook reviews

If you already have some good reviews on your Facebook page, share them! Post an update with the review attached and thank the person who left it.

You could also use this as a chance to do a call-out for more reviews e.g. “If you have purchased one of our products recently, let us know what you thought by leaving a review!”

Respond to your reviews

People are more likely to leave a review if they see that you respond to them. Try and be as specific as you can in your responses as showing you remember the transaction/experience will always make people feel more appreciated.

Remember, you should be responding to both good and bad reviews. If you receive a less than favourable review, make sure you deal with it quickly and provide the person with an email address or telephone number to discuss the issue further. Being seen to want to resolve a problem will also make your business look more professional and in-touch with its audience.

Place call-to-actions on your website

Add a button to your website asking people to leave a review. There are also widgets that you can embed on your website to showcase your latest reviews which may encourage people to click through and leave their own.

You could include this on your homepage, contact page or on individual product/service pages.

Include review requests on receipts 

Do you send your customer a receipt at the end of the sales process? Include a link to leave a review on Facebook with a polite message to ask for feedback.

So there we have it, ways you can ask your customers to leave a Facebook review!

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