GDPR for small businesses benefits

How GDPR will actually benefit your business

*Groan* not GDPR again! As a fellow small business owner, I too am pretty sick of hearing about GDPR.

But bear with me on this, because instead of scaring you into doing something you probably won’t need to like a lot of the GDPR articles doing the rounds, I am here to tell you how GDPR is actually going to benefit your business and improve how you communicate with your customers.

Here are just a few of the reasons we should be at least a little bit thankful for GDPR…

#1: More accurate data 

If you have sent out an email asking your subscribers to confirm their consent, then you are essentially creating a filtering system to remove any data that is old or simply subscribers that are no longer interested in engaging with your content/business.

Your email list shouldn’t be a numbers game. You will likely see a drop in subscribers post-GDPR if you have sent out that email, but those who remain will be more valuable people to target with your email marketing because they have confirmed their interest in hearing from you.

Note: Sending out an email to all your subscribers to ask them to confirm their consent to be contacted is not a necessity to be GDPR compliant. As long as you have evidence that they initially consented to emails in the first place then you do not need to ask again. However, many businesses are using the opportunity to clean their data which is a good idea particularly if your list is quite large or you are not confident you have the evidence to prove each subscriber’s consent.

#2: Cutting costs

If you feel like you are paying a lot for your email marketing software due to the number of subscribers, you may find your monthly fees reduce due to those who either opt out or do not respond to your GDPR email. Some email marketing providers price per subscriber so keep an eye on your figures to see if you make any savings.

In addition to this, if you are using any software that manages data, now is a good time to shop around. You need to ensure that any software you use that handles information is GDPR compliant, so you could also make some savings by trying out new suppliers.

#3: Improving cybersecurity

A data breach can be incredibly expensive to your business – and also a PR nightmare!

GDPR is an excuse to review and improve the way you store data as a business and with the strict guidelines around data security, businesses will also be significantly less vulnerable to security threats and data loss.

#4: Establish trust with customers

By complying with GDPR, your business is seen as even more trustworthy than before, as you will no longer be contacting customers who don’t wish to be contacted and will also be holding any of their data responsibly.

Trust is incredibly important for small business owners, as those who make the deliberate choice to purchase from a small business are often inclined to do so due to feeling a sense of confidence and assurance in your ability to provide a great service.

People are becoming increasingly savvy (and as such, wary) with how their personal data is being used – the businesses that will continue to grow are the ones that treat customer information with respect.

So there we have it – just a few ways GDPR is actually going to be beneficial for your business. It’s not all doom and gloom after all!

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