Hire a copywriter for your small business

How working with a copywriter can help your small business to thrive

Hiring outside help can often be daunting. Whether you’re worried about the cost, or the amount of your already incredibly restricted time it’s going to take to liaise with an outside party, these concerns are easily outweighed by the significant impact a copywriter, in particular, can have on your business growth.

But how can hiring a copywriter really help your small business grow?

1. You’re too close to your business

Let’s face it – you live and breathe your business day in, day out. You may feel best suited to write about your business, but having a fresh pair of eyes to take a look at your business from an outside perspective will produce copy which is better placed to sell it to other “outsiders” – your customers!

A professional copywriter will look from the outside in, analysing your business without bias.

2. A copywriter knows how to write for the web

Anyone can write if they try. But a website copywriter knows how to write for web pages. From search engine optimisation methods to considering the reading patterns of different devices, a great copywriter will also consider the user experience and the key components required to get someone to find and visit your website!

Hiring a copywriter to write the words for your website will transform it into the marketing tool it deserves to be to sell your business.

3. They know how to write for other platforms, too!

Need to put together a brochure, or a bio for an upcoming event? A copywriter can help you there, too! I have worked with a professional wedding photographer on their brochure literature (read more here), and also provide support to small businesses with press releases, leaflets and email marketing campaigns. A copywriter worth their salt has dabbled in many different mediums!

4. Writing is time-consuming, particularly if you don’t do it very often

Most of my clients will recite the same reason for hiring me – they don’t have the time to write content. They may have the time to cobble a few sentences together and whack that up on their site, but they know it’s not enough to compete in their industry. By hiring a copywriter to handle the words, you free up the time to manage other aspects of your business.

5. It’s hard to sell yourself

Whether you’ve been a business owner for five minutes or five years, it’s often hard to sell yourself without feeling uncomfortable. As humans, we struggle to really sell ourselves and what we do without the fear of coming across as bragging or arrogant. You may not always notice it, but you naturally tone it down out of fear of “overselling” yourself.

A copywriter has no qualms with bigging you and your business up. If you work with a copywriter who loves what they do, they love what you do too.

6. Your business will appear more professional

A copywriter will ensure your website text is error-free, grammatically sound and that it does the job its supposed to do – sell your business to visitors!

They know the language to use to effectively persuade a visitor to become a customer because they can put themselves in the prospect’s shoes. A copywriter will use tried and tested approaches that convert people from casual viewers to engaged consumers.

7. Working with a copywriter will save you money

Yep, that’s right. Hiring an external copywriter will save you cash. Your time is money, and a copywriter can produce copy for you with a much faster turnaround than the potential hours it may take you to find the right words and swot up on search engine optimisation.

Want to find out more about working with an expert copywriter to boost your business? Get in touch today by emailing hello@thecontentconsultant.co.uk to book a completely free, no obligation consultation.

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