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The SME guide to creating consumable content

Consumable content. Snackable content. Whatever you want to call it, it’s on the rise. Our attention spans are getting shorter and a lot of the time we just want quick, snappy value instead of reading a long article.

But just what is consumable content?

Think quality over quantity and think personalising your content more carefully to your audience and you’re pretty much there with creating consumable content. It’s all about creating content that is easy for your audience to consume.

Instagram Stories is a great example of this. Instead of watching long vlogs (video blogs), people can now get short snippets into people’s lives through Instagram Stories. I for one stopped watching vlogs years ago in favour of this type of content.

Why should you be using consumable content?

If you want to reach more people and keep them engaged from start to finish then you simply need to be factoring consumable content into your marketing strategy. Trends in the content marketing industry show that while content production is rising, content engagement is dropping and the clear reason why is that people just have shorter attention spans now. They expect information or entertainment to be presented to them in a way that requires little effort from them.

Today’s consumers are much more likely to be skim long-form content rather than read, listen or watch the whole thing. After all, if they can’t find the information they crave, they can simply look somewhere else where it’s more obvious to them.

Good examples of consumable content
  • Tasty create short, sharp recipe videos that often receive a lot of shares, especially on Facebook
  • Running polls on Facebook or Twitter is a quick and easy way of getting engagement
  • Infographics are a great way of presenting complex information or survey results in a way that’s quick and easy to absorb
Writing quality content

But consumable content doesn’t necessarily have to be short form – you can create longer-form content when you ensure the focus is on exactly what the audience wants. By doing your research before writing a blog or creating a video, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that what you are creating will be of value.

  • Research your audience – who are you writing to, and what do they want or need to know?
  • Find the right keywords to target in your content to those people
  • Add visual elements to your content to help it stand out
  • Format the content with headings that aid a shorter attention span by pinpointing the part of your article most relevant to queries
Repurposing your content

Not sure where to start with consumable content? Why not start with what you already have!

Repurposing content you’ve already created can expand its appeal, so why not turn a blog post into a short video? Or a case study into an infographic? Make a list of the types of content you already have and start getting creative with how you can change it into something new. You could also revisit old blog content and edit it so it’s better suited to your target audience and their goldfish-like attention spans!

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