benefits of blogging according to business owners

The benefits of blogging according to business owners

Welcome to the first post in my #Blogtober series, where I will be sharing one blog post per week on the topic of blogging.

This week, I am handing the reigns over to a number of business owners who are sharing the reasons why they find blogging for their business to be beneficial.

Building trust with an audience

Holly is a web developer at She shares regular blog content around the topics of web development, WordPress and more. She says:

“Blogging helps me to build trust with my audience as my content demonstrates that I’m knowledgeable in my field, and this, in turn, helps me to gain new clients. My blog is also the biggest driver of traffic to my website.”

By blogging about topics around your business that are relevant and useful to your target audience, you can not only be a handy resource to your existing community, but you can also generate more traffic to your website from search engines and social media.

Jemma, an Etsy shop artist at DorkfaceShop started out blogging before she established her business. She says:

“I think it’s benefited me because my customers get to know me more and see the story or work behind my biz; even though I started blogging first! It’s helped to build a relationship.”

SEO benefit

Sophie owns an online gift shop which sells penguin merchandise, The Penguin Patrol. She blogs all things penguins, utilising the right keywords to drive traffic to her blog from search engines. She says:

“I wrote a gigantic guide on where to visit penguins in the UK – it’s very in-depth and I spent a long time creating it, but it’s brought a lot of visitors to the guide – now, I can be sure that these people are part of my target audience of penguin lovers, and could definitely be potential customers for me. After reading this post they’re going to be more aware of my site, and I have an added bonus that I can also use Google or Facebook ads to retarget these visitors too. I get 4 x as many visitors to this single blog post then I do the homepage of my website, so there are far more potential customers that arrive through having a super useful resource like this!”

Alison, a wedding photographer at agrees, saying that she researches the SEO to create blog posts using the right keywords.

“Give to receive”

Nowadays, with access to so much information online, audiences expectations are higher when it comes to access to content. Helen from CBL Services sums this up well by saying:

“Blogging supports the “give to receive” ethic, I blog some of my IP so I gain a reputation for expertise.”

The “give to receive” ethic is the idea of sharing your knowledge and experience with potential customers to gain their buy-in. You need to maintain a sensible balance so as not to “give it all away”, but to provide enough value to establish the reputation that Helen mentions.

Emily from South Coast HR regularly blogs about topics that help her potential customers better understand areas they may have issues with. She says:

“Blogging is a great way for us to engage with our current and potential clients. It helps them to understand the potential issues they could be facing in their business, and how we as a business can help them. I have blogged since day 1 and it is the most important element of our marketing strategy.”

Answering customer questions

Regularly get questions from customers that could easily be answered in a blog post? Claire is an accountant from Loud and Clear Accounting and she says:

“Blogging has worked for me because blogs are nice conversation starters and enable me to answer common questions without the salesy “book a free consultation” that is common in my industry.”

Being able to research the questions customers are asking through conversations with them as well as SEO keyword research is a vital method to achieve success through blogging.

Professional development

Lisa is a copywriter, translator and proofreader at and blogging for her is a chance to sharpen her skills in communicating with customers. She says:

“I’m a writer/linguist through and through, and I know that the more I write, the better I get. I have a personal blog, which I really enjoy writing for, so it seemed only right to have one for my business where I can talk about linguistic and business-related topics that interest me (and hopefully others in my industry) and which don’t fit with my personal blog.”

Using a blog to develop your writing skills can also, in turn, help you to improve the way you sell your product and/or service to your potential customers. Learning to “cut the waffle” and use the right words when promoting what you do and who you do it for is an incredibly valuable skill as a business owner.

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