Five ways that small business blogs can help you grow + FREE workbook

As a small business owner, having a strong online presence is fundamental to your marketing – and having a blog is a great way of developing that presence.

Many small business owners worry that blogging is too time consuming and derives little result. However, writing small business blogs needn’t feel like a drain on your time, and it certainly can drive significant results if managed properly.

Here are just five of the many ways that you can grow your business by utilising small business blogs in your online marketing strategy.

At the end of this post, you will be able to get a completely FREE workbook delivered that will help you to develop your blogging strategy.

Blogging helps you get found on search engines

When people are looking for information online, the first thing they will typically do is Google it! We all know that because we’re all guilty of it.

By creating blog posts that answer what people are looking for, you can drive traffic to your website. It’s not as simple as that though unfortunately, as you need to ensure that you are using the right keywords/phrases within your blog post to stand a chance of being found on search engines.

For example, my keyword phrase for this blog post is “small business blogs”. You will notice I’ve used the phrase in the title, URL and a few times within the post.

Not sure what your target audience will be searching for? Google has its own tool called Adwords Keyword Planner which shows you the volume of searches for particular keywords. Guidance on how to use this tool effectively is included in your free workbook.

Blogs are a great resource for your social media channels

Regularly fumbling for things to share on social media? Or perhaps you always share your products/services and notice that the click throughs and engagement is low.

Blog posts are perfect for adding variety to your social media content, and with a relevant topic and irresistible title, you’ll find people engage much better with that sort of content on your Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin pages.

You may also find that your blog posts reach a wider audience on social media as well if your readers particularly enjoy the article and want to share it with their friends.

Blogging positions you as an expert

By blogging as a small business owner, you can easily get the edge over your competitors.

Share your knowledge with your customers, providing added value that will allow them to see you as an authority in your niche and most importantly develop trust.

Struggling for ideas on what you could write about? Don’t panic! The free workbook will help you to come up with lots of great small business blogs ideas.

Blogs provide the opportunity to soft-sell

Small business blogs should not be seen as a SELL SELL SELL opportunity, but instead as a nurturing tool to soft-sell. How does this work? Well it’s all down to adding value and rounding it off with a great call to action at the end of your post!

For example, a florist could write a post all about how to create the perfect table arrangement for Christmas. They could share top tips on elements such as choosing the right colour scheme and using different types of flowers that match well together.

To end the post, they could add a call to action encouraging readers to view their full flower range to create arrangements themselves or to book on to an arrangement workshop.

A blog makes your website appear “alive”

Having a blog that is regularly updated keeps your website refreshed. I have lost count of the times that I have landed on a website where the most recent blog posts are from 2013. The business could be alive and kickin’ but I’m already sceptical as a visitor.

As well as appearing active and current, a blog helps to create additional relevant content for search engines to find and index. As a small business, there are only so many product or service pages you may have and so you are limited in how many times you can appear in search engine listings.

Create blog posts every week, fortnight or even once a month and search engines will see that you are still very much operating and providing content for your intended audience.

Your FREE blog strategy workbook

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