Where to find great (FREE) photos for your blogs and social media

Unfortunately, creating your own photos for your blog and social media content is not always possible! Getting a professional looking and well-lit shot can be a logistical nightmare for those who aren’t photographers by profession, so that’s where stock photos come in.

Stock photos aren’t right for every business, but for a lot of us, they are the perfect solution for adding that all-important visual element to our blog posts and social media posts. Remember, it’s illegal to Google Image search photos and claim them as your own so it’s vital to use photos that have the correct licensing to allow you to.

Today, I am going to share with you four sites where you can find stock photos that are free for commercial use and don’t even require attribution, either!


Pexels is my number one source for both blog post images and photos for social media. In fact, this blog post is using a Pexels image!

It’s a particular favourite of mine because I very rarely come across a situation where I can’t find a suitable image to use. Sometimes you do have to be a little creative with your search, but the images are always great quality and are quick and easy to download without having to sign up for anything.

Visit Pexels >>


Unsplash is a popular choice for royalty-free images as the image choices are more expansive and diverse than many other sites.

It is also a popular source for more beautiful looking images, particularly of nature and landscapes if that’s what you are in the market for!

Visit Unsplash >>


Pixabay, much like Unsplash has a reputation for really stunning photos but has the added bonus of also listing vectors and illustrations as well.

If you like more “whimsical” photos, then Pixabay is a good choice for your needs.

Visit Pixabay >>


StyledStock is a relatively new discovery to me, but it’s perfect for a more feminine approach to stock photography.

The available images are limited, but you can filter by items in the image as well as colour schemes. If you’re a female entrepreneur like I am, I can see this site being very helpful to your business!

Visit StyledStock >>

A few tips on using stock images:

  • Try and avoid stock photos with people in – they can often look very cheesy!
  • Only use stock images where necessary. Never replace physical products with stock images.
  • If you have a brand colour scheme, try and find stock images with similar colours and styles to reflect your brand.
  • Can’t find stock imagery that you like/is quite right? Create a shot list of what you need and hire a photographer to take them how you want them to look.

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    • Thanks Karen, glad you found it helpful! There are lots of fab free stock image sites out there, but these are definitely my favourites.

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